The Basics of Domino


If you have never heard of dominoes before, they are a family of tile-based games. Dominos are rectangular tiles with square ends and number of spots on them. You can use these spots to score points and remove the tiles from the board. The more dominoes you get, the bigger the prize. To learn more, check out this article. It will also teach you the basic rules of domino. If you’re a beginner, check out this article for some basic rules.


The objective of the 5s-and-3s domino game is to accumulate multiples of five. The double six tiles vary in value from five to twenty. Collecting all the end tiles also earns a player a point. There are a variety of regional variations of 5s-and-3s domino. Regardless of which version you choose, the rules and detailed descriptions will make the game easy to learn and play.

All Fives

Muggins is another game called All Fives in domino. The game is played with a standard domino set and is suitable for two to four players. According to John McLeod, this game is a good two player game. However, if you have four players, Muggins is an ideal game to play with two players. Read on to learn more about the rules of Muggins. You will also learn how to play it in a few easy steps.

Eisenhower’s domino theory

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower first discussed the domino theory in 1953, he likely was not lying. He probably believed that communism would spread throughout the world and did not intend for the words he used to express that belief to be taken literally. However, the use of the word “domino” in his speech seems to indicate that he did not mean it to mean the same thing as what it means in the context of the Cold War.

Basic rules

Domino is a tile-based strategy game that requires two players and a double-six set. Players take turns drawing and playing dominoes, placing them face down in the boneyard or stock. When the player’s turn comes, they must match up their first domino with the end of the first player’s tile. If they succeed, they win the game. There are many variations of the game, including scoring games and blocking games.


There are several regional variations of the game of domino. The most popular are Block games, Double Six, Double Nine, and Triple Seven. In Block, players draw seven tiles from a double-six-tile set, and alternately extend the lines of play. The winner scores based on the number of pip counts remaining in the loser’s hand. Other variations of domino include Chicken Foot and Private Train. In addition to Block games, domino is also known as a variety of other board games.