MMA Betting – How to Handicapping MMA Fights

The MMA betting market has seen explosive growth recently, with high-profile fights now attracting the same level of media attention as traditional major league sports. The sport is ideal for wagering because of the variety of outcomes and bet types available. It also offers the added bonus of a unique format that can lead to exciting finishes. Whether you’re looking to place your first bet or are an experienced MMA bettor, learning about the different betting options will improve your odds of winning.

The most basic MMA bet is a moneyline bet, which is placed on a fighter to win their fight. Moneyline odds showcase how much a bettor can win for their wager, per $100, with a negative number signifying a favorite and a positive number signifying an underdog. A moneyline bet can be placed both pre-fight and live, and is a great option for newcomers to the sport.

When handicapping an MMA fight, it is important to consider the combatants’ skills, fighting styles, and performance history. This can help bettors compare the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter and determine if their given odds offer good value. In addition, bettors should pay close attention to the fighters’ stances, as a southpaw’s natural reach can give them an advantage over an orthodox fighter.

In addition to analyzing the fight statistics, bettors should be mindful of how a fighter performs under pressure. Each fighter will react differently to high-stakes situations, and their psyche can affect their performance in the ring. It is also crucial to understand how a fighter’s style of fighting and strategy can be affected by the size and strength of their opponents.

Lastly, bettors should consider the overall fight length and how it might influence the Over/Under Rounds total. The Over/Under Rounds market is a popular MMA betting option because it offers a low vig (or juice) and allows bettors to place a bet on how many rounds the fight will last for.

Ultimately, the best way to increase your profitability with MMA betting is by shopping around for the lowest lines at reputable sportsbooks. This is known as line shopping and it’s an essential skill for a sharp bettor. The best time to shop is immediately after the lines are posted, as sportsbooks tend to undervalue certain fighters more than others.

It is also important to keep in mind that some fighters struggle to make weight and will cut drastically leading up to a fight. These fighters are often drained from starvation and dehydration, which can negatively impact their performance in the ring. In these cases, bettors should note the fighter’s true weight class before placing a bet on how long the fight will last. This can be done by observing the fighter’s weigh-in and their progress afterward.